T.E.A. sas

  • Quick approach to spatial information
  • Information available from any device
  • Mix of spatial and descriptive information


Integration of spatial and descriptive information

an effective mix to have the territory at your fingeretips


The WebGis is a simple and fast tool: it mixes geographical and alphanumerical information and offers to users a wide range of possibilities such as:

  • Creation of tourist itineraries,
  • Identification of market penetration opportunities in a specific area,
  • Easily move in the city,
  • The knowledge of the state and characteristics of a road network.


We develop for you custom applications using open source softwares, that can be spread through:

  • Web portals for a quickly approach to spatial information available from any internet access points,
  • Electronic touch screen stands that allow you to find information about places and products, make reservations, use all public services,
  • GPS guides on smartphones/tablets apps.

  • Transport Systems, Public Transport
  • Infrastructures
  • Web Portals, Touchscreen Stations, App
  • WebGis, Maps, Routes


The city becomes accessible, fast and flexible.

Infocity offers an immediate way to provide useful services to the citizen.

Maps and aerial photos, points of urban interest, historical references, contacts

and all from the comfort of home, through internet, totems “ad hoc”, smartphone or tablet.

The system is easy to manage and allows the updating of data by the users themselves.


What are the areas in which companies could invest? What is produced in that specific area?

With Infoimprese you can browse to preview the industrial areas, the existing and available lots, the infrastructures, the companies and the services offered.

With Infoimprese, local bodies materialize their local marketing strategies and encourage the development and internalization of the productive network, while investors can get a real view of all the opportunities of industrial settlement in a specific area.


The web surfer guide, simple and innovative for public and private bodies that want to tell their own territory.

Cultural, religious, gastronomic and landscape routes

All this features in a single package that allows you to display and receive information about places of interest, monuments, typical shops, accommodation and dining opportunities, with an eye to the history of the places and the productive world. Everything on your pc or mobile (tablet, smartphone …). Guidenet is a product designed for tourists but it is useful to anyone who, for study, work or simple curiosity, wants to learn about places, stories and traditions.


The simple solution for the management of the road network,

A tool designed to match the needs of modern public administrations who want a tool for the management of road infrastructure available online.

Real-time information on the roads, on maintenance works, on road signs; services for the citizens such as the administration of grants, occupation of public land and advertising, ordinances, special transports, preparation of risk maps.

Everything on the web, in a fast, simple and easily accessible way, thanks to the WebGis.