T.E.A. sas

Tools for Analysis -Territory, Economics, and Art

We help you to discover stories, contexts and territories with our expertise and technology


is behind every products

We acquire a simple data, then analyze and process it;

finally we turn it into a structured information.

We offer:
  • Structured information from simple data,
  • Interactive maps to discover the territory,
  • Virtual restoration through multispectral imaging of artefacts,
  • Monitoring and assessments for an efficient project management.

T.E.A. sas


Our activities are divided into 4 macro-areas, among which the customer can identify the service package that best matches their needs:


T.E.A. sas is certified according to
ISO 9001:2015


The benefit of the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certification makes visible in the market the way we work, so we ensure to customers the quality and reliability of our organization

T.E.A. sas

Territoriy, Economics and Art

Since 1996 we have been working in the field of services
to Public Bodies and Private Companies.

Add value to your needs

Have you ever wondered how much new information can be hidden behind a number?

Do you know that a painting can hide a story that isn’t told in books or that from a simple map you can discover beautiful places and find all kinds of information?