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  • Multimedia set-up
    Multimedia Installations
  • Virtual Restoration
    Multispectral Imaging
  • The Invisible made Visible
    Multispectral Imaging

Softwares & Tools

To public administrations, museums, libraries, archives, private owners of works of art and library materials

Due to the tools and the software developed in-house, we offer solutions for the most various demands to public administrations, museums, libraries, archives, private owners of works of art and library materials through Multispectral and IR analysis.

When Technology meets Art

ImaginArt & Technopromo

The hidden stories behind an artefact can be discovered thanks to technology


Using these new technologies it’s possible, in case of documents, to point out schedules deleted, hidden text, analyze, improve readability, and virtually erase the stains.


In the case of paintings you can highlight hidden details, such as preparatory drawings, paints hidden by additional colour layers made by the same artist or due to restorations after carried out, regrets of the artist; these are preliminary and important information in the physical restoration phase.


All in a non-invasive way, and “in-situ”, without removing the artefact from its original location..

  • Interactive Multimedia Set-up
  • Creation of Digital Collections
  • Virtual Restoration
  • Reflexographic Analysis
  • Multi-spectral Imaging


ImagingArt is directed to paper documents and paintings; public and private people who wish to make a thorough diagnosis on digitized artwork for supporting the activities of study, research, restoration and physical distribution. To guarantee the quality and high scientific significance of the results and techniques, we offer highly innovative and totally non-invasive technologies, flexible tools, easily transportable and adaptable to the logistical needs of the structure in which is located the work-art; we offer a know-how acquired over the years and due to experiences of research we also made on European standards.


  • Multispectral analysis,
  • Digital restitution of work of arts,
  • Virtual Restoration,
  • Creation of digital collections,
  • Reflexographic analysis,
  • Multimedia installations.


Virtual Restoration

Allows the digital and virtual restoration of paintings or books thanks to the software developed since 1999, during our research program. A huge advantage for owners of works-art: the artefact can be available in a different way; a benefit for researchers and historians because this package allows to get an improved work, purified from all imperfections caused by time and previous restoring interventions.
The virtual restoration doesn’t replaces the physical one; indeed, it may helps who, working on a physical restoration, can have more information on the conservation status of the product.


  • Virtual restoration,
  • Image processing software,
  • Readability improving,
  • Identification of features/hidden details.



It ‘s a system made up by two modular packets aimed at promoting places activities, artefacts and collections of art in an alternative and innovative way and being in the world from your home.

Modular services, real modern and interactive promotional showcases to increase the value of tourist and cultural places


Describe the places and the territory through multimedia installations able to promote attractors and events; web solutions (sites, portals) designed “ad hoc”; editorial products (guides, brochures, posters) designed for an efficient and effective communication; touch screen multimedia stations which welcome the citizen, the visitor at the beginning of his journey.


Augmented reality, 3D reconstruction, virtual reality for the creation of technological installations: here is a whole new way to promote, enhance and enjoy the country and almost “touch” the art and history. Media rooms set in public offices and museums, totems placed in strategic locations can provide any type of information, smartphone apps (apple and android) to enjoy places and works-art.


  • Augmented reality applications,
  • Interactive multimedia installations,
  • 3D reconstructions and movies,
  • Simple and user-friendly totem,
  • Multimedial guides, also for tablets/smartphones.