About Us

In a world of technology, we sell poetry

Why poetry?

Because as well as putting our hearts into it, we value the content we offer, whatever the service. This becomes easy to understand when you know our history. Founded in 1996 as a company specialising in statistical consultancy, TEA has evolved over time and has added a 'special' area to this one, that of cultural heritage, in particular multispectral imaging for the study of documents.

How did this happen?

Statistics means collecting data, analysing them and transforming them into information. A digital image is nothing more than a set of numbers. By processing them with suitable statistical techniques, information that is invisible to the eye can be brought to light.

This is how, thanks to our research over the years, we have developed @MMIRA, hardware and software system for themultispectral acquisition and virtual restoration of damaged documents.
One thing leads to another! In addition to processing them, we have started to create digital collections and multimedia displays with the acquired images..
And since it is natural to think of diversifying the offer, in 2015 we started to imagine something new and discovered an evolving world in which so much can be done: that of accessibility.
This led us to create AIVES, a system for the multisensory enjoyment of works of art by everyone, including people with disabilities, such as the blind. And we are not going to stop there.
Ours is a story of technological evolution, but we have never stopped giving importance to the meaning and the intrinsic message that lies in our creations. Without poetry, there is no technology.



Innovating Women

Among the ten winners of the "Women Innovators" competition, innovative proposals and ideas from Calabrian women entrepreneurs, promoted by Unioncamere Calabria and the European network EEN (Enterprise Europe Network).

Diploma of
"Sfide 2006"

Awarded to the MAR.T.IN.S project within the initiative "Sfide. Le politiche di innovazione sul territorio" (Challenges. Innovation policies in the territory), organised by the Department for the Development of Territorial Economies and Forum PA, an initiative aimed at identifying, collecting and disseminating successful initiatives in the field of territorial economic development.

Economic Progress

Awarded by the Catanzaro Chamber of Commerce, whose motivation was "to have created, with technologically advanced research processes, innovative methodologies to support territorial development with the help of existing professionalism within the regional production system."


Main events


"Communication and Technologies for Cultural Heritage: a winning synergy."

20 February 2015 (Catanzaro): organisation of the round table on the theme "Communication and Technologies for Cultural Heritage: a winning synergy", attended by Prof. Louis Godart, Cultural Heritage Advisor to the President of the Republic, and Dr. Alberto Angela, science popularizer and television journalist.

“Computational Intelligence for Multimedia Understanding"

27 and 28 October 2016 (Reggio Calabria): organisation of the International Workshop on Computational Intelligence for Multimedia Understanding, promoted by ERCIM, the European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics, together with the Institute of Information Science and Technology of the CNR in Pisa, the Institute for Archaeological and Monumental Heritage of the CNR in Catania, the Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria and the University of Calabria.

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